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Welcome to The True You with Charlyn Thomasson 

The Mission of The True You is 

  • to coach individuals and groups of people to discover their unique life purposes by connecting the dots of their personality, talents, spiritual gifts, hurts, hopes, and life experiences. 
  • to coach people one-on-one or in groups to understand the connection between their unique inner image to their influential outer image 

How about you?   Do ever wonder if  

your passions should connect to that long to-do list? 

it is possible to live with joy, contentment, and peace? 

your life makes a difference? 

you made the best career choice? 

you can live with confidence? 

you can be content with your outer and inner image? 

you spend too much time on your outer image? 

you spend too little time on your outer image? 

your image is connected to your purpose? 

The True You

with Charlyn

the truth will set you free

John 8:32

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